Hello, I am Patricia Ogilvie  and this Cashflow Online Course is created from the research in my best-selling book,

“How to be the BOSS of Your Own Money”

ven though I’ve worked, saved and invested in my education with accounting and Securities Commission courses, I’ve been through the same money challenges, fears, arguments with my spouse, and successes you probably have. I know from first-hand experience how challenging managing money can be, and how even though we all kind of know what we should do with our money—keep our expenditures less than our income—money seems a complicated subject full of emotions and learning lessons that make many people want to run screaming, ”Stop! Stop talking to me!” am I right?

Reality check—money will always be a part of your life. So, stop! Stop being afraid of managing it!

As a small business owner, this is a critical factor for longevity. Cashflow is the most important aspect and if you can’t get a handle on it, you sink!

Cashflow management is a skill that anyone can learn, regardless of where you are financially. What’s more, becoming comfortable in your role to lead money to work for you may be a strange concept, but I challenge you to believe, that with a basic understanding of finance, you can begin to change the trajectory of your business and start to live from a place of excitement and empowerment about your money. And that’s the exact reason why I created Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses.

Here’s What You Will Find In the Course



You’ll start out with an overview of the course and what you will learn—trust me, you’ll be as excited to jump in and get going as I was to create this for you.


Module 1 – Why You Need Fast Cash

Managing cash flow is a big challenge for many small business owners.  

In Module 1, you’ll identify the times when your business needs to create income quickly, why those situations come up, and how you can manage the instant income you’ll generate using Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses.  


Module 2 – Quick Revenue Strategies

When you need a cash injection quickly, you want to use proven strategies that get you results.  

In Module 2, you’ll discover how to give your revenue a rapid boost when needed, and identify the ones that make the most sense for you and your business.


    • Lesson 1: Time-Sensitive Offers – In Lesson 1, you’ll explore time-sensitive promotions that entice people to buy something immediately, so that your company can generate instant income when it needs it.
    • Lesson 2: Follow Up with Current and Previous Customers – In Lesson 2, you’ll connect with current and past customers who already know you and your work, and uncover new opportunities.
    • Lesson 3: Create Valuable Offers for Hot Leads – In Lesson 3, you’ll find out how to create valuable offers for your hot leads, so those people will be motivated to buy something right now.
    • Lesson 4: Create New Offers from Existing Ones – In Lesson 4, I’ll demonstrate how to repurpose existing products and services, so that your company can quickly create something new and enticing to offer.
    • Lesson 5: New Payment and Pricing Options – In Lesson 5, you’ll explore how to revise pricing and payment options, so that you can increase revenue and give your customers more choices when paying.
    • Lesson 6: Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Down-Sells – In Lesson 6, I’ll help you build additional relevant offers into your buying process, so that you easily add to your revenue without additional marketing.
    • Lesson 7: Special Offers via Current Partners and Affiliates – In Lesson 7, find quick ways for leveraging your current partnerships, so that you can bring in fast cash without spending more on your marketing.

Module 3 – Tactics to Free Up Cash & Save

Finding cash isn’t just a question of earning more money quickly, it’s also about reviewing your outgoings and how you spend money.  

In Module 3, you’ll explore ways you can free up cash by finding opportunities to reduce your current spending and bring in cash you are owed.

    • Lesson 1: Make Immediate Cost Cuts – Lesson 1 is how to review your current spending, so that you only pay for what you need.
    • Lesson 2: Use Creative Ways to Reduce Spending – Lesson 2, you’ll explore ways to reduce ongoing costs, so you can free up cash for growing your business.
    • Lesson 3: Collect What You’re Owed – In Lesson 3, you’ll better understand the importance of invoicing people on time and paying bills when due, so that you aren’t losing out on income that’s owed to you.

Module 4 – Review and Refine 

In this final module, you’ll bring everything you’ve covered in the course together. You’ll have been given all the tactics you need to bring in instant cash when required and make savings in your business. You’ll also give grasp the opportunity to review the course and plan future action.


Between the course and the two bonus companion e-books, you’ll uncover

more about yourself, your business, your mind and gut instinct, than you’ve ever known before about cash flow.  I’ll show you how to strengthen your gut instincts and listen for your mind chatter about working on your business – without breaking out in a sweat and torturing your family.


Develop the Skill of Becoming Fearless

You’re smarter than you think – you have powerful potential to stay focussed and inspired to keep you in the loop guiding you to stay safe from financial, mental and emotional disasters.

Bust the five myths about

running a business and family – and the ease with which you can maintain both for the rest of your career.

What's the secret to cashflow

and staying on track especially when you need it most.

Best Cashflow Practices

Stay tuned for this incredibly powerful list of the fastest and most effective ways to generate cash and get out of debt, pay down debt, and feel 100% better about yourself.

21 seconds to a relaxed mood

You don’t want to be stressed about what to write, when to go home, when to take a break, when not to – 7-7-7 rule for stress reduction to lift you up when you’re down emotionally and physically.

Bonus FB Group

FREE access to our closed Facebook Group where other like-minded entrepreneurs share their knowledge, wins, challenges and questions about how to attract cash and maintain cashflow.

 Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses Online Course

One time payment of $49

Because...a Successful Business Demands Cash flow. Start Today!


This all sounds great But…

Is the Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses Course really as good as it sounds?

YES! And if you want to know more and understand why, review some of the questions and answers below! But first, allow me to share how excited I am revealing the inspiring insights and attitudes I’ve reserached and learned over the years. I took these lessons, wrote a book, and it hit #1 International Best Seller. So the next step was to offer it with even more information.

How long will it take me to finish my course?

Once you begin, you will experience four Modules with varying lessons in each. You could complete the program in a few days, however, I recommend taking time between some of them that require thinkings, writing, reassessing and that could take up to twenty-one days or more!

Don’t panic—you will be invited to a private Facebook Group with support and mingle in the company of people who want to know how to manage cashflow and BOSS their own financial business needs.

Is it REALLY only $49? Are there any hidden costs?

It REALLY is only $49  (one time fee) and there are no hidden costs!

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! I want you to be completely excited, happy and delighted with your progress in the Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses course which is why I offer a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee (from the day you begin with Module One.

Who is Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses course best suited for?

I created this course for the Small Business owner who needs a support group and pushes to get cash and cashflow generated to handle the unexpected. If you’re one of the 50 million North Americans who dreams of running your own business or an employed person who needs some guidance how to manage and generate income, this course is for you.

  • What’s really keeping you from being wealthier? – Yes, it’s up to you, and you alone, to run your company in the manner you deserve.
  • Are you thinking about asking for another loan or are you ready to accept that your current offerings can and will bring in the cash you need to handle what’s in front of you now?
  • What’s the truth about cashflow and are banks, loaners and the rest of the financially depressed people around you blindsiding us?

This course can help you put these concerns and questions to rest. You’ll get detailed information about how your business model is broken down into expenses and revenue to heal your stressors.

Hairstylist, accountant, business coach, yoga instructor, author, wedding planner, soap maker, editor, marketing strategist, copywriter, mortgage adviser, home organizer, jewelry maker, fitness coach, chiropractor, employed—you name it –Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses course is for you!


“Patricia targets areas of financial well-being that I had never thought of before. Her course is to the point. Truly makes one think about where their money is going and how it is handled. It is never too late to put good money management into practice.”

Deb S Schramm  https://senegence.com/aura

“I thought I knew pretty much about me and my disastrous ‘money karma.’ Fortunately, Patricia’s method proved me wrong. Very easy going and generous, “How to be the Boss of your Money Course” was mind-blowing and life-changing. And I just love Patricia’s humour and style. Once again, thank you!”

—Angelika Delf

Wow! This program is a breath of fresh air. Money is something many of us struggle with and from the time she starts she lay out the essential questions we each must ask ourselves when it comes to the relationship we have with money. There are so many valuable nuggets here. The author speaks directly to our beliefs about money and how it impacts your ability to make a lot of money and keep it. Right on Patricia Ogilvie.

–Naomi Sodomin

The nuggets in the course are plentiful. The author speaks to our beliefs and how those beliefs impact our realities, in particular with money. I wish that I had been introduced to these concepts and mindset shifts years ago. This is aptly called a “How To,” and that is what the author provides a new workable approach. I also appreciate the humorous tone of the author.

— Ronnette Clarke Williams

 Boss Money: Fast Cash Strategies for Small Businesses Online Course

One time payment of $49

Because...a Successful Business Demands Cash flow. Start Today!


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